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The three hundred kilos man

The three hundred kilos man


He couldn’t squeeze himself through many doors. Every step took a big part of his energy. Everywhere he went people stopped, stared and judged. His misery was his own failure. So why be tolerant?

How much food would he eat a day? Every frozen, lusting for sensation face wondered. His moves were followed by hypnotized looking eyes. They looked daggers at this stamping, gasping monster. You don’t see such a perfect kinkiness every day! This occasion will be soon in child’s and grandchild’s ears on a cold, rainy evening to amuse them for a moment. In deep enjoyment the people watched his face becoming red and then turning slowly into blue. As it was winter the earth was frozen and icy, it was merely a matter of time until he would lose balance. The crowd held it’s breath when he started swinging and sliding. After a short, hopeless fight against his own weight he fell with a loud crack. Motionless he lay there. Magnetised the crowd waited for further amusement. But the body didn’t move. The gasping had disappeared. There was only silence. Dead silence. The bored crowd moved away. A few kids poked the corpse with a stick until the game went boring. The town was disappointed. They had expected more from this man.

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