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The multi-ideologic utopia

In the young societies I meet a huge number of revolutionaries, world changers and verbal extremists everyday. Where will these people be in 20 years? 'Til now just a few moved something. Everyone is able to get loud. But 'doing' is another part. That makes everybody developing an own utopia which he tries hard to build. He writes banners, runs through the streets, screams, throws stones and Molotov cocktails. To eliminate the others' utopias as spectacular as possible. To nip the counterpart's dreams in the bud. Because only his own thinking has a real goal to reach. Who would get the idea that the intolerance compared to the in his eyes intolerant society means an intolerance compared to his own tolerance of all racial groups according his ideology? Doesn't that mean that every racial group, religion or opinion hat to be accepted as a self-contained part of our society? From my point of view should EVERY opinion really mean EVERY opinion. Also those which speak against his ideology. On this account I think the world we live in accords bans and bids of every utopia. So we live in a multi-ideologically utopia which nobody can take from us.
25.7.09 23:47

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